Trip Island Ugljan

Takes one hour and 30 minutes at speed of 20mph

WARNING! This map is not intended for navigation but only as a suggestion where you can go on an trip.
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Port of Pavlesina is located in NW part of the island of Ugljan. Northwest, 5min sailing, is South Luka Beach, one of the most beautiful on the island of Ugljan, and behind Cape Ovcjak is Muline Bay, a protected archeological site. There are 3 restaurants here - "Kazot", "Dido Sime" and "Stivon".

Driving further, along the bay of Skrača, through the sea passage Veli Ždrelac, passing by villages Sušica and Batalaža, we arrived in the center of Ugljan. There are restaurants and bars in the center - Trapula bistro, Night & beach bar Rhythm, tavern „Ugljan“ and pizzeria „Azur“. Next to is bay Čeprljanda; there are cafe "Saxa" and pizzeria "Cima". Čeprljanda is known for its traditional, summer feast for locals and guests.

Sutomiscica, the largest bay on the eastern coast of the island, is reached by passing along the bay of Furnaža and the village Lukoran. Olive Island Marina is here, the winner of many prestigious national awards and the holder of the eco-friendly Blue Flag. The Olive Garden restaurant serves traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Sutomiscica is the village with „the most beautiful football field in the world“, located by the sea.

Next to Sutomiscica is the village Poljana, and a few hundred meters away, on the way to Preko is the islet of Galevac (Školjić) with the Franciscan Monastery of Sv. Paul the Hermit from the 15th Century. In the center of Preko is Marina Preko where mooring is possible. Preko is surrounded by bicycle paths. The most attractive one, reaches the Venetian Fortress of St. Mihovil, which offers an unforgettable view of the entire Zadar archipelago and Velebit. There is also a ferry port in Preko with a gas station for cars and boats.

Sailing towards village Kali, on the left is island Osljak, about 800 meters away from the coast of the island of Ugljan. Osljak is the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic.

Kali is a fishing village and has three bays where the largest fishing fleet in the Adriatic is tied up. At the end of the island of Ugljan is Kukljica. Sailing further, we enter Mali Zdrelac, one of the busiest sea passes on the Adriatic, dividing islands Ugljan and Pašman. Mali Zdrelac Pass is 56m wide and 5m deep and connects the Zadar and Srednji Kanal. Close is Sabusha sandy beach.

Trip Island Ugljan

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